You've been randomly selected to test the new Galaxy S9 (coming in 2018)!

Additional testers wanted still: 21

It's not a joke! You are invited to try our brand new Galaxy S9 before it is distributed to the public. We're looking for another (30) users for feedback to make this phone the best Samsung phone yet.

If you want to join our private test group, you have to answer the four questions below.

As a "Thank You" gift, we will send a Galaxy S8 64GB completely free! Stocks are limited so answer quickly, act NOW!

Question 1 of 4: Do you currently own any Samsung products?


Question 2 of 4: Which of these features would you most like to have in the Galaxy S9?

Wireless charging
HD Display

Question 3 of 4: Which of these messaging methods do you prefer?

Regular SMS
Video messages

Question 4 of 4: Do you have a valid shipping address to receive your Samsung products?


We are validating your answers...

No duplicated IPs found...

(3) Prizes remaining...

You are eligible to receive (1) Galaxy S8

Congratulations! You are eligible to enter the private test group!

Click the button below to get your free Galaxy S8. This is a small thank you for participating in the survey.

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Please enter your contact details and a valid shipping address on the next page to receive your Galaxy S8. Only (3) left in stock, so hurry!



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Jacob Lamm

That's cool! I never win at anything! Thank you Samsung! I have received the silver version

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Roy Eyler

I just got a call from the Courier, that I can pick up my prize. Am so glad that I took part.

Reply · Like · 100 · Just now

George Miller

Two days ago, I have invited 10 friends and qualified for the Galaxy S8. Today I got it. Thank you Samsung!

Reply · Like · 64 · Just now

Norah Miller

Mine came in the mail today. Thank you Samsung for my Galaxy S8!

Reply · Like · 87 ·

Jamie Byrnes

I didn't know if this was serious or not but got my galaxy s8 today!

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Clarence Reck

Thought at first it was a joke but this Galaxy S8 came with the postman this morning. I want to participate in more surveys! lol

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Gracie Aldrich

Fantastic! A Samsung s8 for free, for Gods sake! I tried to sign up for a second time to win another samsung phone, but they called me because they realized that my email was duplicated. LOOOL!

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Roger Marshall

I actually saw this survey and ignored it because I thought it was a scam. Saw this ad again and decided to try it because I was bored ... Actually got a galaxy s8. TOTALLY INSANE!

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